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Never Be Ashamed By Your Pursuit of a Dream | January 2018

One should never be ashamed by his or her pursuit of a dream, craft, profession, etc. My philosophy is to unabashedly and unapologetically follow a dream until it is realized. As I celebrate my achievements throughout this path of musical discovery, I always want to help others achieve their dreams, too. Nicole Chamberlain is an amazing person who doesn’t look for much fanfare when tackling her daily workload; she is quietly brilliant and helps other reach their potential in subtle ways. Thanks to her words, I have been inspired to improve my website, focus on my small business practices and approaches, and try new ventures with my business. I am writing my first blog entry, creating Wikipedia biographical entries for great low brass artist-teachers, etc.

Nicole, thank you for everything you have done to help my career. My first attempt at writing a blog entry is a tribute to you. From one entrepreneur to a host of others on this vast and beautiful planet, I think the world should know more about you and your work. As I explore topics to discuss weekly, I look forward to sharing my love for entrepreneurship, small business ownership, freelancing, teaching, and performing. Nicole, thank you for challenging me to stay on my journey and to fulfill my true passion to someday play full-time with a major symphony orchestra.

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