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Here you will find my video performances throughout the past 25 years of my growth as a professional musician. Hope you enjoy it!

Jacksonville Brass Quintet


It was a pleasure to perform with the JCSO Brass Quintet in the 15th Annual (Virtual) Christmas Gala Concert. It was live-streamed on Facebook and brought joy to many people during the holidays in December 2020.


I had a wonderful experience playing with the Midtown Brass at the Covenant Presbyterian Church; we performed holiday music for an appreciative audience who were socially distanced.

I performed with members of the Midtown Brass Quintet in an educational video during the pandemic of 2020; I was grateful that we wore masks and were socially distanced.

Various performances for Tuba and Piano, Solo performances, Chamber Music, and more!

This was a performance featuring the brass ensemble at All Saints’ Episcopal Church during the 2020 holiday season. It was an honor and a pleasure to collaborate with some great freelance musicians in Atlanta.

I shared a recital with the trombone professor, Drew Leslie, in January 2015 during my time as Visiting Professor of Tuba and Euphonium at Appalachian State University. It was a special moment to collaborate with Drew, since I worked with him as a student at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, MI.

I performed again with Magdalena Shumanova on the last night of the 2014 International Euphonium and Tuba Festival before driving later that evening to arrive on time for a morning check-in at the Cannon Summer Music Camp. I am sure I played this piece pretty fast that evening. 

I performed one of my favorite pieces, Five Dances for Unaccompanied Tuba, written by local composer, Eric Alexander at the 2014 International Euphonium and Tuba Festival. This work has become a staple in my selection of tuba literature.

I performed the “Toreador Song” with the Atlanta Pops Orchestra while on a tour of southern Georgia. This arrangement was done by my former conductor, David Daniels, of the Warren Symphony Orchestra in Warren, MI

Performing “Three Miniatures for Tuba and Wind Ensemble” with the Kennesaw State University Wind Ensemble under the direction of Peter Witte was indeed a highlight for me. Peter and I were classmates at the University of Michigan during the 1990s.

How often does one get to collaborate with three world class musicians on stage?! I was grateful to perform Momentums with the composer, Fernando Deddos, on euphonium, Matt van Emmerik on euphonium, and Caryl Conger on piano at the 2012 International Tuba and Euphonium Festival.

This performance was my first collaboration with Magdalena Shumanova at the 2012 International Tuba and Euphonium Festival (IET). I was excited to play the first movement after hearing it performed at a conference many years ago in Washington, D.C..

I performed one of the shortest, but hardest pieces ever for me; the composer was a KSU student who accompanied my students in my tuba-euphonium studio.

This was my first time ever performing the Star Spangled Banner in front of a large audience at a football stadium. I am thankful that I have performed the National Anthem every year since.

Performing the “Old Grumbly Bear” with the Hopewell Middle School Band under the direction of Audrey Murphy was my first invitation to share the stage with an ensemble at the Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) Conference). It was a blast working with a great educator and her talented middle school students.

I had the wonderful opportunity to share the stage with Magdalena Shumanova at the 2014 International Euphonium and Tuba Festival. We performed the “Fantastiestucke” at a church in Johns Creek, GA.

"Listen" is inspired by the Black Lives Matter Protests. I was inspired after my own participation in peaceful protests in the Spring of 2020 after the death of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbrary, and many others. Roughly 10 minutes in length, the piece is formed in 4 distinct sections. The introduction includes a nod to the past with featured voice bits of the Civil Rights era in the 1960s all collaged together. A reminder that the remnants of racial aggressions experienced in the United States today is not a new occurrence. The piece then moves to the present-day where the 3 remaining sections are based around 3 popularly used chants in the protests I participated in: “No Justice, No Peace”, “I Can’t Breathe”, and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”. Throughout the piece you can find musical influences from gospel spirituals, jazz, and hip pop. 

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