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Soloist. Educator. Clinician. 

Coach. Entrepreneur.


Are you ready to advance in your next audition and start placing higher in your next competition?  Ready to make improvements in your fundamentals and performance concepts,  but not sure how to evaluate yourself critically without being negative? That's why I've dedicated my career to helping musicians and clinicians like you to make a difference in their own musical surroundings and expand to greater levels of artistry through positive assessment!

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Golden Isle Youth Orchestra
March 18, 2023
Easter Service-Brass Quintet, Timpani, Percussion, Organ, Choir and Congregation

April 9, 2023
Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
May 12 & 13, 2023

"Bernard Flythe is a musical powerhouse and an inspirational instructor. During the time I studied under Bernard Flythe he pushed me as a musician and a person, teaching me lessons in professionalism, clear communication, and perseverance. His passion as a musician is infectious and his excellence as an educator helped me reach a higher level of musicianship. As my instructor he helped me discover my passions and developed some of the skills that have made me the person and musician that I am today."

Austin Newland

Mechanical Engineering Student and Undergraduate Research Assistant at Georgia Institute of Technology

I am currently accepting tuba and euphonium students of all ages and levels. I also accept other instrumentalists who want to receive a different perspective and non-traditional approach.

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Notebook and Pen

Are you ready to work hard, strive to retain the information presented to you, and desire to perform music at a higher level? Then we will be a perfect fit!

I want to help my students reach greater heights musically and technically from their current level of performance.

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